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View the time right now in different timezones or select a local time and view the corresponding time in other countries.

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How to view Time by Timezone and Country using this tool?

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  • You can view current time or select any time to view corresponding times in different parts of the world by timezone or by country
  • Click on the time picker and set the hours and minutes in AM or PM. By default it shows current time of local timezone
  • To view by Timezone or Countries, select the option labelled as Timezones or Countries.
  • You can click on dropdown to filter by specific timezones or specific countries
  • Use the switch to change from 24 hour format to AM/PM format and vice versa
  • Click on 'Time Now' button and view the clock shown for each timezone/country
  • Scroll down to view the details in table format listing the time and UTC+/- for different timezones. Click on Refresh to view the same for current time

What is a Timezone?

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  • Different parts of the world experience different times of sunrise and sunset due to earth's rotation around itself
  • Timezones were created to standardize these differences and make it easier to convert time between different countries and regions
  • There are 24 timezones. Each timezone represents an hour.
  • The timezones were created along the longitudinal lines each 15o from each other. Longitudes are imaginary vertical lines running from north pole to south pole. The one at zero degrees or the reference line is the Prime Meridian or Greenwich mean.
  • All the countries/regions falling within the same timezone experience the same time with minor variations. Each timezone differs from the neighbouring one by +/- 1 hour
  • The prime meridian, which passes through Greenwich, England, is used as the reference point for UTC. UTC is Universal Time Coordinated. Time zones to the east of the prime meridian are ahead of UTC whereas time zones to the west of the prime meridian are behind UTC.
  • For example, the time zone in New York City, USA is Eastern Time (ET), which is UTC-5. This means that New York City is 5 hours behind UTC. Japan is UTC+9 which is 9 hours ahead of UTC
The 24 time zones in the world are:
  • Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  • UTC+1
  • UTC+2
  • UTC+3
  • UTC+4
  • UTC+5
  • UTC+6
  • UTC+7
  • UTC+8
  • UTC+9
  • UTC+10
  • UTC+11
  • UTC+12
  • UTC-1
  • UTC-2
  • UTC-3
  • UTC-4
  • UTC-5
  • UTC-6
  • UTC-7
  • UTC-8
  • UTC-9
  • UTC-10
  • UTC-11
  • UTC-12
  • Hawaii–Aleutian Time (HST)
  • Alaska Daylight Time (ADT)

Is UTC same as GMT?

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  • No, they represent two different things.
  • UTC or Coordinated Universal Time is a Time standard based on which timezones are configured as +/- UTC.
  • GMT stands for Greenwich Mean time. It is a timezone. UTC is a standard of time.
  • GMT is UTC 0. GMT is the timezone of those countries lying around the Prime meridian and used as the base timezone. In UTC standard, Greenwich is taken as the reference point. This is the reason UTC and GMT are used interchangeably.
  • The countries that fall under GMT timezone are Gambia, Ghana, Greenland, Ireland, Mali, Senegal, United Kingdom, Togo, Liberia, Iceland, Sierra Leone, Guinea.