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Formula to Convert CC to Hp, Hp to CC

How much is cc to hp?

1 cc = 0.06667 hp

How many hp to cc?

1 hp = 15 cc

1 horsepower to cc = 15 cc

Interesting points on cc to horsepower converters

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  • There is no direct conversion formula from CC to horsepower. This is because horsepower is a measure of power, while CC is a measure of volume.
  • However, there is a general correlation between CC and horsepower. In general, larger engines have more horsepower than smaller engines.
  • However, there are other factors that affect horsepower, such as the engine design, the type of fuel used, and the engine's RPM.
  • For example, a

    high-performance engine with a small displacement measured in cc can produce more horsepower than a low-performance engine with a large displacement (measured in cc).

  • Another interesting point is that the

    CC to horsepower ratio has been increasing over time

    . This is due to advances in engine technology, such as fuel injection and turbocharging.
  • The term "horsepower" was coined by Scottish engineer James Watt in the late 18th century. Watt was trying to develop a way to compare the output of his steam engines to the power of horses. He estimated that

    one horsepower is equal to the power of a horse that can lift 550 pounds one foot in one second.

  • The term "CC" (cubic centimeters) is a unit of volume that is commonly used to measure the displacement of an engine. The displacement of an engine is the total volume of all of the cylinders in the engine.
  • The origin of the term "CC” is thought to have originated in Germany in the early 19th century. The term "cubic centimeter" was first used in English in the 1850s.
  • Both "horsepower" and "CC" are still widely used today to measure engine performance. Horsepower is used to measure the power that an engine can produce, while CC is used to measure the volume of the engine's cylinders.
  • Here are some examples of how "horsepower" and "CC" are used today:
  • A car engine with a 2000cc (2.0L) displacement and 150 horsepower is considered to be a small engine.
  • A truck engine with a 6000cc (6.0L) displacement and 400 horsepower is considered to be a large engine.
  • A motorcycle engine with a 1000cc (1.0L) displacement and 100 horsepower is considered to be a high-performance engine.

How are CC and HP Related?

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  • CC (cubic centimeters) is a measure of the volume of an engine's cylinders, while HP (horsepower) is a measure of the power that an engine can produce.

  • There is a indirect correlation between CC and HP, meaning that larger engines tend to produce more power than smaller engines. This is because larger engines can burn more fuel and air per combustion cycle, which produces more power.
  • However, as a general rule of thumb, you can divide the engine displacement in cubic centimeters (CC) by 15 to get an estimate of the horsepower. For example, a 2,000 CC tractor engine would be expected to produce around 133 horsepower.

  • However, it is important to note that this is just an estimate. The actual horsepower of a tractor engine can vary significantly depending on the factors mentioned above.
  • Here are some examples of the CC to HP ratio for different types of tractors:
    • Sub-compact tractors: 15-25 horsepower
    • Compact tractors: 25-40 horsepower
    • Utility tractors: 40-60 horsepower
    • Farm tractors: 60-100 horsepower
    • Large farm tractors: 100-150 horsepower
    • Very large farm tractors: 150+ horsepower
    Naturally aspirated gasoline engine15-30 HP per liter
    Forced induction gasoline engine30-50 HP per liter
    Diesel engine25-40 HP per liter
    This means that, in general, a 2,000 CC naturally aspirated gasoline engine would be expected to produce around 30-60 HP, while a 2,000 CC forced induction gasoline engine would be expected to produce around 60-100 HP.
    However, it is important to note that this is just a general correlation. The actual CC to HP ratio for a particular engine will vary depending on the factors mentioned above, such as the engine design, the type of fuel used, and the engine's RPM.
    Here are some examples of the CC to HP ratio for different engine types of vehicles:
    It is important to note that these are just a few examples. There are many different types of vehicles and engines available, with a wide range of CC to HP ratios.
  • The correlation between CC and HP is useful for a number of reasons. For example, it can be used to estimate the horsepower of an engine without having to test it. It can also be used to compare the performance of different engines
  • Here are some specific examples of how the correlation between CC and HP is used:
  • Choosing a vehicle: When choosing a vehicle, it is important to consider the engine's HP. If you need a vehicle with a lot of power, such as a tow truck or a sports car, you will need an engine with a high HP rating. If you only need a vehicle for basic transportation, you can get away with an engine with a lower HP rating.
  • Tuning an engine: Engine tuners often use CC to HP ratios to determine how much power an engine can safely produce. By increasing the engine's displacement, or by using other methods to improve the engine's efficiency, tuners can increase the engine's HP rating.
  • Designing engines: Engine designers use CC to HP ratios to design engines that meet specific performance and efficiency requirements. For example, the engine in a fuel-efficient car will need to have a different CC to HP ratio than the engine in a high-performance sports car.
  • Overall, the correlation between CC and HP is a useful tool for understanding and optimizing engine performance

CC to Hp Converter Table

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ccHorsepower (hp)

1 cc to hp

0.0667 hp

26 cc to hp

1.7334 hp

43 cc to hp

2.87 hp

58 cc to hp

3.87 hp

63 cc to hp

4.20 hp

80 cc to hp

1200 hp

97 cc to hp

6.47 hp

100 cc to hp

6.67 hp

105 cc to hp

7 hp

120 cc to hp

8 hp

123 cc to hp

8.20 hp

139 cc to hp

9.27 hp

141 cc to hp

9.40 hp

148 cc to hp

9.87 hp

150 cc to hp

10 hp

161 cc to hp

10.73 hp

163 cc to hp

10.87 hp

166 cc to hp

11.07 hp

169 cc to hp

11.27 hp

170 cc to hp

11.33 hp

177 cc to hp

11.80 hp

199 cc to hp

13.27 hp

200 cc to hp

13.33 hp

208 cc to hp

13.87 hp

209 cc to hp

13.93 hp

210 cc to hp

14 hp

223 cc to hp

14.87 hp

224 cc to hp

14.93 hp

225 cc to hp

15 hp

233 cc to hp

15.53 hp

240 cc to hp

16 hp

252 cc to hp

16.80 hp

352 cc to hp

23.47 hp

382 cc to hp

25.47 hp

422 cc to hp

28.13 hp

426 cc to hp

28.40 hp

450 cc to hp

30 hp

452 cc to hp

30.13 hp

457 cc to hp

30.47 hp

459 cc to hp

30.60 hp

439 cc to hp

29.27 hp

500 cc to hp

33.33 hp

600 cc to hp

40 hp

847 cc to hp

56.47 hp

850 cc to hp

56.67 hp

875 cc to hp

58.33 hp

900 cc to hp

60 hp

999 cc to hp

66.60 hp

1000 cc to hp

66.67 hp

1100 cc to hp

73.33 hp

1200 cc to hp

80 hp

1300 cc to hp

86.67 hp

1494 cc to hp

99.60 hp

1500 cc to hp

100 hp

1630 cc to hp

108.67 hp

1984 cc to hp

132.27 hp

2100 cc to hp

140 hp

2800 cc to hp

186.67 hp

4000 cc to hp

266.67 hp

4500 cc to hp

300 hp

Hp to CC Converter table

Conversion Table Icon
Horsepower (hp)CC (cc)

1 hp to cc

15 cc

2 hp to cc

30 cc

3 hp to cc

45 cc

4 hp to cc

60 cc

4.5 hp to cc

67.5 cc

5 hp to cc

75 cc

5.5 hp to cc

82.5 cc

6 hp to cc

90 cc

6.5 hp to cc

97.5 cc

7 hp to cc

105 cc

11.5 hp to cc

172.5 cc

14 hp to cc

210 cc

15 hp to cc

225 cc

20 hp to cc

300 cc

22 hp to cc

330 cc

23 hp to cc

345 cc

24 hp to cc

360 cc

60 hp to cc

900 cc

200 hp to cc

3000 cc

1000 hp to cc

15000 cc

Frequently Asked Questions on hp to cc and cc to hp conversion

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  • 0.07 hp

  • 15 cc

  • 66.67 hp

  • 100 hp

  • 13.33 hp

  • 80 hp

  • 14.93 hp

  • 40 hp

  • 11.33 hp

  • 86.67 hp

  • 16.80 hp

  • 29.27 hp

  • 6.67 hp

  • 25.47 hp

  • 11.07 hp

  • 225 cc

  • 9.40 hp

  • 105 cc

  • 0.1 hp

  • 73.33 hp

  • 14.87 hp

  • 30.60 hp

  • 60 cc

  • 30.47 hp

  • 30 hp

  • 30.13 hp

  • 300 cc

  • 0.1 hp

  • 10.87 hp

  • 8.20 hp

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