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Number Slider Puzzle Online

Play the classic Fifteen puzzle game and 8 puzzle slider game.


How to play the number slider game?

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The objective of the game is to arrange the numbers 1 to 9 (or 1 to 15) in sequence row-wise.

  • Select Easy or Medium option. In Medium option, the grid is 4x4 with numbers 1 to 15. In Easy option, it is 3x3 grid with numbers 1 to 9.
  • The number grid has one vacant cell or 'hole' with the rest filled with numbers.
  • To move a number to another position, click any of the numbered blocks or cell which is adjacent to the vacant cell. (left, right, top or bottom).
  • On clicking a number next to the 'hole', the number moves into that position and the hole shifts to the position occupied by the number.
  • You can move the numbers around in different directions to arrange them sequentially.
  • Click 'New' to start a new game.
  • Click ' Restart' to play the same game again freshly.
  • Click 'Copy' or 'Share' to create a game link to the specific number pattern. The link can be used multiple times and it will show the same pattern.