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Formula to Convert Sq Feet to Sq Yards and Sq Yards to Sq Feet

How many Square Yards in Square Feet? (sq yd to sq ft)

To convert square yards to square feet, multiply by 9

Square feet = Square yards * 9

For example, to convert 150 square yards to square feet, multiply 150 by 9:

Square Feet = 150 * 9 = 1350 sqft

How much is Square Feet to Square Yards? (sq ft to sq yard)

To convert Square feet to Square yards, divide by 9

Square yards = Square feet / 9

For example, to convert 180 square feet to square yards, divide 180 by 9, which equals 20 square yards

Square Yards = 180 square feet / 9 = 20 sqyds

What is a Square Yard?

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  • It is a unit of area. It is equal to a square with sides of one yard.
  • Square yard is part of the imperial system of measurement followed by US, Canada, UK and few other countries
  • The square yard is also commonly used for measuring land area in India and other Asian countries, Caribbean and Africa countries that have been influenced by the British Empire.
  • One square yard equals 9 square feet.
  • The symbol used for square yard is yd2 or sq yd
  • Square yards are often used to measure the area of land, such as a garden or lawn.

What is a Square Feet?

  • Square foot is also a unit of area. It is equal to a square with sides of one foot.
  • The abbreviation for Square feet is sq ft.
  • The square foot is part of the Imperial System. It is the standard unit of area for measuring interior space in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
  • The square yard is a larger unit of area than the square foot.
  • One square foot equals 0.111 square yards. For example, a living room that is 100 square feet in size is 11.11 square yards in size.
  • Square feet are often used to measure the area of buildings or rooms and any interiors such as a kitchen, living room, dining etc.
  • Square Feet is also used as basis for costing for certain tasks such as plastering, painting, tiling, laying carpet, wall paper

Differences between Square Feet and Square Yard

  • Both are used as units of measurement of area mostly pertaining to land area. The difference lies mainly in their size, usage and countries that follow the system of measurement
  • A Square Yard (sq yd) is 9 times larger than a Square Feet (sq ft). This is derived from a Yard being equal to 3 Feet.
  • Square Feet is used in measuring area of internal space within homes or buildings as well as lands and plots whereas Square Yard is used for measuring external spaces within the buildings like patio, lawns.
  • Square Feet is part of the US Customary System of Measurement and followed by US and Canada. Square Yards is part of the Imperial System and followed by UK, US, Canada. Due to earlier influence of the British, the yards is also used in India and other South Asian countries
  • Both Feet and Yards seemed to have originated in England in the 11th century. A foot was taken as a measure of the length of a human feet (12 inches) and a yard the length from nose to the thumb of the stretched hand of King Henry I(36 inches)
  • Both Square feet and Square Yards are not part of the SI unit of measurement for area. The SI Unit for area is square meter.

Square Yards to Square Feet Conversion Table

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Square Yard (sq yard) Square Feet (sq ft)
1 sq yd 9 sq ft
2 sq yd 18 sq ft
3 sq yd 27 sq ft
4 sq yd 36 sq ft
5 sq yd 45 sq ft
6 sq yd 54 sq ft
7 sq yd 63 sq ft
8 sq yd 72 sq ft
9 sq yd 81 sq ft
10 sq yd 90 sq ft
11 sq yd 99 sq ft
12 sq yd 108 sq ft
13 sq yd 117 sq ft
14 sq yd 126 sq ft
15 sq yd 135 sq ft
20 sq yd 180 sq ft
25 sq yd 225 sq ft
30 sq yd 270 sq ft
35 sq yd 315 sq ft
40 sq yd 360 sq ft
45 sq yd 405 sq ft
50 sq yd 450 sq ft
60 sq yd 540 sq ft
70 sq yd 630 sq ft
80 sq yd 720 sq ft
90 sq yd 810 sq ft
99 sq yd 891 sq ft
100 sq yd 900 sq ft
121 sq yd 1089 sq ft
125 sq yd 1125 sq ft
150 sq yd 1350 sq ft
200 sq yd 1800 sq ft
300 sq yd 2700 sq ft
400 sq yd 3600 sq ft
500 sq yd 4500 sq ft
600 sq yd 5400 sq ft
700 sq yd 6300 sq ft
800 sq yd 7200 sq ft
900 sq yd 8100 sq ft
1000 sq yd 9000 sq ft

Square Feet to Square Yards Conversion table

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Square Feet (sq ft) Square Yard (sq yard)
1 sq ft 0.111 sq yd
25 sq ft 2.778 sq yd
50 sq ft 5.556 sq yd
100 sq ft 11.11 sq yd
150 sq ft 16.67 sq yd
200 sq ft 22.22 sq yd
250 sq ft 27.78 sq yd
300 sq ft 33.3 sq yd
400 sq ft 44.4 sq yd
500 sq ft 55.56 sq yd
600 sq ft 66.67 sq yd
700 sq ft 77.78 sq yd
800 sq ft 88.89 sq yd
900 sq ft 100 sq yd
1000 sq ft 111.1 sq yd
1100 sq ft 122.22 sq yd
1200 sq ft 133.3 sq yd
1250 sq ft 138.89 sq yd
1300 sq ft 144.4 sq yd
1400 sq ft 155.56 sq yd
1500 sq ft 166.67 sq yd
1600 sq ft 177.78 sq yd
1700 sq ft 188.89 sq yd
1800 sq ft 200 sq yd
1900 sq ft 211.1 sq yd
2000 sq ft 222.2 sq yd
2400 sq ft 266.67 sq yd
2500 sq ft 277.78 sq yd
3000 sq ft 333.3 sq yd
4000 sq ft 444.4 sq yd
5000 sq ft 555.56 sq yd
6000 sq ft 666.7 sq yd
7000 sq ft 777.8 sq yd
8000 sq ft 888.9 sq yd
9000 sq ft 1000 sq yd
10000 sq ft 1111.1 sq yd

Frequently Asked Questions on Square Feet and Square Yards Conversion

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  • Yardage refers to the yard value like length of land or cloth measured in Yards.
    Yard is a unit of length in Imperial System and represented as 'yd'.
    Square Yard is a unit of area which is obtained by multiplying Length in Yard and Width in Yard.
    Square Yard = Yard * Yard or yd 2

  • There are many units of area in both Imperial and Metric systems depending on the vastness.
    In the Imperial System, it is Square Miles, Square Yard, Square Feet and Square Inch.
    In the Metric System, we have Square Kilometer, Square Meter, Square Centimeter, Square Millimeter.

  • They refer to the same measurement of area in square foot.
    A Square foot is a unit of area with sides of a square with length and breadth equal to 1 foot.
    A Square feet is plural of Square foot and used when the value is greater than 1 such as 15 square feet, 100 square feet.
    A Square Footage represents the sane area measurement. It's only a term used to refer to the area. Example of how it's used.
    'Square Footage of a 15x25 room is 375 square feet'.
    'How much is the Square footage of this land'?

  • It generally refers to the Square Feet value unless otherwise mentioned.
    10x10 means an area where length is 10 feet and breadth is 10 feet. Therefore an area of 100 sq ft.
    12 x 12 means 144 sq ft area.
    15 x 25 means length of 15 and breadth of 25 and area of 375 sq feet.

  • Square Yards is bigger than Square Feet.
    1 Square Yard = 9 Square Feet (1 yard = 3 feet).
    A Square Yard is used for exteriors of a plot or land. A Square Feet is used mainly for interiors and rooms.