Last biscuit Game

The Last Biscuit Game

Can you pick the last biscuit from the jar and become the Winner. Match your skills against the computer and take up the last biscuit game challenge!

Be the first to take the last biscuit. Creare your own biscuit configuration and play with friends

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  • You can take as many biscuits from one of the jars.
  • Or You can take equal number of biscuits from both the jars
  • Goal is to be the last one to take the biscuit. You win if you take the last one.
  • You Play against the Computer

Enter No of biscuits to remove from Jar 1 and Jar 2 each. Press Go once done

Jar 1

Jar 1

Jar 2

Jar 2
Turn: You
Enter biscuits to remove from each jar
WHO's TURN    JAR 1 (9)    JAR 2 (11)   













How to play the Last Biscuit Game

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  • You have to keep picking biscuits from the jars in turns and the one to pick up last wins the game

  • You can pick from both jars but it has to be same number of biscuits. Or you can pick from any of the jars.

  • The max number of biscuits that can be picked is based on the balance in the respective jars.

  • To start, enter the number of biscuits in the respective boxes and press Go button.

How to Create Your Own Last Biscuit Game

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  • You can specify initial number of biscuits in the jars. Select the option labelled as Configure Number of Biscuits in Each Jar

  • Enter the numbers for each jar. Make sure they are not the same values. Click on Save.

  • Copy or Share the game link with your friends and they can try to pick the last biscuit.