Manhole & Creature Walkers

How many creatures can you prevent from falling? Place the covers at the right place at the right time so creatures don't fall into the manhole




Place the covers before the creature walks over the hole and falls, You win if you are able to make 100 creatures cross successfully
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How to play the Manhole game?

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This game is an adaptation of the Nintendo classic video game of the 80's.

The objective of the game is to help the creatures walk without falling into the manhole.

  • You have to place the cover at the appropriate manhole exactly at the time the creature walks past it.
  • Multiple Creatures will walk from left to right or right to left at different speeds.
  • You have 4 keys to place the cover:
  • 'W' for left top,
  • 'S' for left bottom,
  • 'Up Arrow' for top right ,
  • 'Down Arrow' for bottom right.
  • You can move the cover around using one of the 4 keys
  • You win if you can make 100 creatures walk successfully
  • You lose if 15 or more creatures fall into the hole
  • Press on the 'New' button to start a new game.