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Formula to convert between Fluid Ounces and Liters

How many Liters in Ounces (floz to l)

To convert ounces to liters, divide ounces by 33.814

Liter = Ounce / 33.814

To convert 18 ounces to liters, divide 18 by 33.814:

L = 18 fl oz / 33.814 = 0.53 L

How many Ounces in a Liter(l to floz)

To convert liters to ounces, multiply Liters by 33.814

Ounce = Liter × 33.814

To convert 5 liters to ounces, multiply 5 by 33.814:

oz = 5 L × 33.8140227 = 169 fl oz

What is a Fluid Ounce?

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  • The ounce is a unit of both weight and volume. The Ounce referred here is 'Fluid Ounce' and it is a unit of volume.
  • One fluid ounce is equal to approximately 0.02957 liters or approx 296 milliliters
  • A fluid ounce is represented by the symbol 'fl oz'
  • Ounces are a unit of the customary system of measurement, which is primarily used in the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • An ounce is defined as 1/16th of a fluid pint

Where is Fluid Ounce used?

  • Fluid Ounces are commonly used to measure the volume of liquids in recipes, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

What is a Liter?

  • Liter is an unit of volume.
  • A liter is about 34 ounces.
  • Liters are a unit of the metric system, which is the most widely used system of measurement in the world. Liter is not the SI unit of volume.
  • SI unit for volume is cubic meter.
  • A liter is defined as the volume of a cube that is one decimeter on each side. A decimeter is equal to one-tenth of a meter. 1 liter = length x breadth x height where all are in decimeter
    1 L ≡ 1 dm3 = 0.001 m3=1000 cm3

Where is Liter Used?

  • Liters are commonly used to measure the volume of liquids such as water, milk, juice and oil

Fluid Ounces to Liters (fl oz to liter) Table

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Fluid Ounces (fl oz)Liter
1 oz0.13 l
3 oz0.088 l
3.4 oz0.100 l
4 oz0.118 l
5 oz 0.147 l
6 oz0.177 l
8 oz0.236 l
9 oz0.266 l
10 oz0.295 l
12 oz0.354 l
14 oz0.414 l
15 oz0.443 l
16 oz0.473 l
16.5 oz0.487 l
16.9 oz0.499 l
17 oz0.502 l
18 oz0.532 l
20 oz0.591 l
21 oz0.621 l
22 oz0.650 l
24 oz0.709 l
26 oz0.768 l
27 oz0.798 l
28 oz0.828 l
30 oz0.887 l
32 oz0.946 l
33 oz0.975 l
33.8 oz0.999 l
34 oz1.005 l
36 oz1.064 l
38 oz1.123 l
40 oz1.182 l
42 oz1.242 l
44 oz1.301 l
46 oz1.360 l
48 oz1.419 l
50 oz1.478 l
50.7 oz1.499 l
51 oz1.508 l
52 oz1.537 l
56 oz1.656 l
57 oz1.685 l
60 oz1.774 l
64 oz1.892 l
65 oz1.922 l
65 oz1.922 l
66 oz1.951 l
67.6 oz1.999 l
68 oz2.011 l
70 oz2.070 l
72 oz2.129 l
74 oz2.188 l
75 oz2.218 l
78 oz2.306 l
80 oz2.365 l
84 oz2.484 l
85 oz2.513 l
88 oz2.602 l
90 oz2.661 l
91 oz2.691 l
95 oz 2.809 l
96 oz2.839 l
100 oz2.957 l
101 oz2.986 l
104 oz3.075 l
112 oz3.312 l
120 oz3.548 l
125 oz3.696 l
128 oz3.785 oz
135 oz3.992 l
140 oz4.140 l
145 oz4.288 l
150 oz4.436 l
160 oz4.731 l
200 oz 5.914 l
250 oz7.393 l
320 oz 9.463 l
1000 oz29.573 l

Liters to Fluid Ounces (liter to fl oz) Table

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LiterFluid Ounces (fl oz)
0.25 l2 oz
0.5 l 16.907 oz
0.6 l 20.288 oz
1 l33.814 oz
1.2 l40.576 oz
1.3 l 43.958 oz
1.4 l 47.339 oz
1.5 l50.721 oz
1.7 l57.483 oz
1.8 l60.865 oz
1.25 l42.267 oz
1.75 l59.174 oz
1.89 l63.908 oz
2 l67.628 oz
2.2 l74.390 oz
2.5 l84.535 oz
2.7 l91.297 oz
3 l101.442 oz
3.5 l118.349 oz
3.7 l125.111 oz
3.78 l127.817 oz
4 l135.256 oz
5 l169.070 oz
9 l304.326 oz

FAQ on Liter To Oz conversion

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  • No, the SI unit of volume is cubic meter (m3)
    The liter is part of the metric system.
    Though Liter is a unit of volume, it is not the SI unit of volume.

  • Liter and Ounces are used in different countries based on the system of measurement they follow
    When travelling between countries, it becomes essential to convert between liters and ounces.
    Similarly, while cooking recipes from different sources, the measures may be given as per that country's custom and practice. To use the right measure and the exact amount, we can use the conversion tool