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Effortless Text Manipulation: Find and Replace Text with expanded Search Options, Strip Space, Remove Duplicates, Convert to Upper, lower or Sentence Case,

Enter any word to find and replace. Use * for wild card match. You can use the Tidy and Casing option to transform the output.

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Text Tidy :     Remove Duplicates    Remove Empty lines    Strip Space    Remove Unicode Chars (Non-Ascii)    Remove All Special Char   

Case Change :        Sentence Case       Upper Case / All CAPS       Lower Case       Title Case / Proper Case    

How to Find and Replace Text using this tool?

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  • To find and replace one or more words, first load or paste your input content in the input box. Then enter the word/phrase in the find box which you want to replace.
  • Enter the word/phrase that has to be used for replacement in the field marked as Replace.
  • Select one of the following options - Match the Starting letters, Match the Ending letters, Match any part of the letters, Exact match of the word or phrase
  • Click on 'Case Sensitive' if you want to make it case sensitive search. It will match the word that is of same casing as typed in the find box
  • Click on Go button and you will get the updated text in the output box
  • For eg, if you want to replace 'lorem ipsum dolor' by 'my custom text' you can add the text in respective fields and press Go button.
  • Wild Card Search: This is useful when you want to match multiple text patterns which differ by one or more words. Instead of replacing each pattern individually, it's useful to apply the wild card search.
  • Use '*' for wild card along with the word or phrase at the beginning, middle or end of the word
  • For example, let us consider input contains a list of values as follows and you want to change it as kilograms to pounds
    150 lbs to kg
    70 kg to lb
    80 kg to lbs
    50 kg to lbs
    100 kg to lbs
    1500 pound to kgs
    2000 kg to pounds
  • Type 'kg to *' in the Find box, This will match all 'kg to lbs' and 'kg to lb'. In the Replace box, you can type kilograms to pounds
  • Your output is transformed like this:
    150 lbs to kg
    70 kilograms to pounds
    80 kilograms to pounds
    50 kilograms to pounds
    100 kilograms to pounds
    1500 pound to kgs
    2000 kilograms to pounds
  • Note: Currently only 1 wild card can be used in the word/phrase.

String Tools: How to Format Text Output?

  • Go to the section labelled as 'Text Tidy' and 'Case Change'. You can select one or more of the options at the same time and format your output accordingly.
  • Remove Duplicates: This will remove duplicate lines from the content
  • Remove Empty Lines: This will remove all excess new lines (\r\n)in the content. .
  • Strip Space: Removes empty space at the start and end of each line.
  • Remove Unicode: This will remove all characters which are non-ascii such as © ®
  • Remove All Special characters: This will remove all non-alpha numeric characters
  • You can format the output to use Sentence case, upper case, lower case or Title case
  • Click on Copy or Download icon to save the output

What are String/Text Tools?

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String tools or Text tools are tools/applications that allow users to manipulate text in various ways
They can be used for simple tasks like changing the case of text or removing spaces, or for finding and replacing parts of text using normal or wild card search.
Features supported by this tool are : Find and Replace with wild cards, Output formatting to remove duplicate lines, unicode characters, removing space, empty lines and case conversion
Find and Replace
  • It allows you to quickly locate specific words or phrases within a text and replace them with other words or phrases. This can be incredibly useful for correcting typos, changing formatting, or simply making changes to the content of a text.
  • For example, if you have a document that contains multiple instances of the word "hello", you can use the find and replace functionality to replace all of those occurrences with the word "goodbye". This can save you a significant amount of time and effort, especially if you are dealing with a long document.
  • Find and replace with wild card is especially useful to find patterns using wild card match (*) and replace all words matching the pattern with the new word/phrase.
  • The find and replace functionality can also be used to search for and replace specific characters, such as spaces, tabs, or line breaks. This can be useful for cleaning up text that has been copied and pasted from other sources.
Strip Spaces
  • Stripping spaces removes additional unwanted space chars from the beginning, middle or end
Case Change
  • Uppercase, lowercase, title case, sentence case can be done easily using this tool