balloon game

Match and Pop the Balloons

Clear all the balloons quickly by matching the balloons with same colors.



Pop Balloons

Match all same colored balloons and pop them!.
Use the Right Arrow key with space bar or Move Mouse and Release
Help: Use 'Right Arrow' key and Spacebar to match balloons
Or Use Mouse and Left click to match the balloons.

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How to Play 'Pop the Balloon' Game

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Here are instructions to play
  • The objective is to pop and clear all the balloons.
  • The game starts with a number of balloons arranged in rows and columns.
  • The balloons keep descending gradually
  • A single balloon appears separately . This balloon should be used to match all similar colored balloons that are next to each other.
  • All the balloons that are next to each other and of the same color are removed automatically when you are done.
  • Use Right key to place the balloon or Move the mouse to place that individual balloon
  • Hit spacebar or release the mouse when you are done. A new balloon of different random color appears. Repeat the same procedure till all the balloons are removed
  • The game is WON if you clear all the balloons
  • The game is LOST if the balloons move down and cross the boundary
  • Click New to start a fresh game