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Random Password Generator User Guide

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  • The password is generated locally on your device. As generated password didn't transit the internet, the password is as safe as you typing such a strong password manually

  • Copy button (the Square button) can be used to copy the generated password and paste wherever required.

  • Refresh button (the cycle like button) can be used to re-generate the password without changing any other setting options

  • Password Length can be modified by moving the ball in the Password Length line

  • Password by default contains a combination of Lowercase (e.g. a, b, c), Uppercase (e.g. A, B, C), Number (e.g. 1,2,3) and Symbols (e.g. #!). By default, the password contains (-) separate after every 6 letters which can be disabled.

Scenario Password Length Password Options
Pass code generator 4 - 6 Uppercase, LowerCase and Numbers
8 character password generator, random 8 character password 8 Uppercase, LowerCase, Symbols and Numbers
12 character password generator 12 Uppercase, LowerCase, Symbols and Numbers
14 character password generator 14 Uppercase, LowerCase, Symbols and Numbers
15 character password generator 15 Uppercase, LowerCase, Symbols and Numbers
16 character password generator 16 Uppercase, LowerCase, Symbols and Numbers
6 digit password generator 6 Numbers
8 digit password generator 8 Numbers
10 digit password generator 10 Numbers

Benefits of Our Random Password Generator Tool

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Password generators are valuable tools for improving your online security by making it easy to create and manage strong, unique passwords for all your accounts.
The password generator from MyBrowser App Store has these simple advantages:
  • Free and Easy to Use
  • You can generate strong passwords in seconds, saving you time and effort.
  • Customization: You can choose the length and complexity of the generated password.
  • It is available online and accessible from various platforms, including desktop, mobile
  • It is generated very securely. The password is not generated locally in your browser and not transmitted over the network
In general, Password Generators are needed because:
  • Password generators create strong, random passwords that are difficult to crack, even for computers.
  • Many people use passwords that are easy to guess, such as their birthdays, names of pets, or keyboard patterns. Password generators can help you avoid these common pitfalls.
  • Weak passwords are easy for hackers to crack. A strong password generator can help you create passwords that are resistant to brute-force attacks and make it difficult to use break with those standard patterns that hackers use .
  • To make sure users don't reuse same passwords everywhere which is another common practice and huge security risk.

General Recommendations for Strong Password

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  • Always use different passwords for different websites.

  • Use Password Managers to manage Passwords

    The longer the password and with combination of different letter (Lowercase, Uppercase, Number, Symbols), the more secured it is

  • Always use strong random password instead of easy to remember names, dictionary words

  • Ensure the website where you provide the password is encrypted (The address shall start with https:// and not http://)

  • Reset your password periodically depending on the sensitivity of the Website holding your data

  • Always use Two Factor Authentication where available

Frequently Asked Questions on using secure password generator

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  • Password generator tools can help create random patterns which is difficult to construct manually by users.
    It is easier for a tool to suggest strong passwords by combining alphabets, numbers and symbols and to make a unique combination which is difficult to crack.

  • Yes, the password generated by this tool is generated locally and not stored anywhere.
    It is an auto password generator and creates passwords based on input options.
    It can be configured as complex password generator with length set to 24 or more and including all characters and symbols.
    Max password length is 256.
    It can also be used as a simple password generator with minimum length set to 8 and with only alphabets.

  • A strong password should be longer than 15 chars and include alphabets/letters with mix of upper and lower case, numbers, and special characters.
    The longer the password the more difficult it is to crack it as the number of permutation and combination to guess the password will be too high.
    It should not contain any personal information or easily identifiable information.

  • Very short length passwords less than 6 digits. Using the user name itself with or without variations, names of people, sports, names based on month,years , favourite players, items.
    Generic ones like administrator, 12345, hello, password. Such patterns can be cracked very easily within few secs.

  • 16 digits or more is ideal. 12 digits is minimum.

  • Password by default contains a combination of Lowercase (e.g. a, b, c), Uppercase (e.g. A, B, C), Number (e.g. 1,2,3) and Symbols (e.g. #!).

  • It's not generally used. May be it's Ok for one time password.
    It's very difficult to remember UUID patterns.

  • A pass phrase is string of random words unlike the tradional alphanumeric with special chars type of passwords.
    Examples of passphrase are HarrisTakesMonkeyBacktoJungle, SammyEatsCakeDaily24by7.
    The main advantage is can be memorized easily unlike passwords. If passwords are short , then it's easy to crack.
    If they are long, it's difficult to remember without writing it down somewhere.
    Passphrase can be made really long and totally random.
    As per sources, English dictionary has a total of 176,400+ words and if use a combination of english and other languages, the pass phrase will become almost impossible to crack.
    However, If easy pass phrases are used, then it offers no real security advantage over passwords .

  • Two-Factor Authentication also known as '2FA' is an additional level of authentication over and above user login and password.
    It means 2 different modes of authentication (password/pass phrase) + another one.
    Typically, it's in the form of One time pin/password (OTP) sent to users' registered email or phone.
    In some cases, it can be a hardware token / key based access, digital signature.
    Fingerprint, Facial recognition eye scan and similar biometric methods are also part of it.

  • Entropy in science is a measure of disorder or randomness or uncertainty in a system.
    The same concept as applied to password generator measures randomness of a password.
    Formula for Entropy is log2(c), where c is the count of chars in the charset used in the password multiplied by the no of chars in password.
    Password Entropy = log2(c) * length of password.
    Charset is lower case, Upper case, Alpha numeric, Alpha numeric with special chars.

  • Password Entropy = log2(c) * length of password.
    Example: a. If password uses only lower case like 'admintest', then charset = 26 (no of chars from a-z) Entropy = log2(26) x 9 (length of admintest) = 42.3 of entropy.
    b. If password uses upper , lower and number like Password123 - then char set is (a-z , A-Z and 0-9) = 26+ 26+ 10 = 62.
    Entropy = log2(62) x 11 = 5.95 * 11 = 65.45 bits of entropy.
    The no of combinations needed to crack this = 2 POWER (entropy bits) = 50,397,990,021,465,639,651.535643666153 combinations.

  • Password strength is determined by measuring entropy as well as the uniqueness or randomness of the pattern.
    The higher the entropy bits, the stronger it is and the more difficult it is to break it by brute force approach.
    However even with high entropy but not sufficiently random and if the char are repetitive or very commnly used ones , then it's still susceptible to attacks.
    For eg administrator$123 is 17 digits long and entropy may be high but it's not random and easily guessable.
    The strength is measured as C^N (C is the char set size) and N is the length