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Character Counter (chars counter)

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  • A Character is generally one of a limited number of symbols, including the alphabets, numbers. Characters are typically combined to form strings.

  • To count number of characters in the text can be counted by getting the length of the text. To count number of characters without space in the text can be counted by removing space by using regex in replace method like this replace(/\s+/g, '') in text and then getting length of text

  • Characters includes Lowercase (a-z),Uppercase (A-Z), Number (0-9) , Symbols ( ! # $ % & ' * + - / = ? ^ _ ` { | } ~ @) and Space.

  • Characters without space (hello), Characters withspace (hello world) here having space between words,

Word Counter

  • A word is generally group of characters that expresses a particular meaning.

  • To count number of words in a text, split them, then use regex and replace all linebreaks in a string (replace(/[\t\n\r\.\?\!]/gm, " "), Remove the space character if present, then the length of that string gives the word count

  • Words includes Lowercase (a-z),Uppercase (A-Z)

Sentence Counter , Line Counter / Paragraph Counter

  • A Sentence is a string of words. End of Sentence is denoted by a dot (.)

  • To count number of sentence, split using dot(.) as delimiter. The count of split tokens gives Sentence count

  • A Line is generally group of words and ending with a new line character ('\n')

  • To count number of lines, regex is used along with split method split("\n") The no of split tokens gives the line count

  • A Paragraph consists of one or more sentences which are grouped logically.

  • The number of Paragraph is also counted based on newline excluding line breaks.

Unique Words Counter

  • Unique Words are words that are not repeated.

  • It is similar to word counter except the repeated words are counted once.