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How to use the Word Counter tool?

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  • Type in the words in the input box and instantly get the count of words, chars, lines, paragraphs as and when you type.

  • You can also browse and load text from a file or drag n drop text content into the input box.

  • A Character includes Lowercase (a-z), Uppercase (A-Z), Number (0-9) , Symbols ( ! # $ % & ' * + - / = ? ^ _ ` { | } ~ @) and Space. The number of characters is counted by getting the length of the text. To count number of characters without space, remove space replace(/\s+/g, '') in text and then get length of text

  • A word is combination of characters that has a meaning.
    However, for the purpose of counting words, this tool uses space as the separator between words.
    To count number of words in a text, split them, then use regex and replace all linebreaks in a string (replace(/[\t\n\r\.\?\!]/gm, " ")
    After removing space characters, the length of that string gives the word count

  • A Sentence is a combination of words. The end of Sentence is denoted by a dot (.) To count number of sentence, split using dot(.) as delimiter. The count of split tokens gives Sentence count

  • A Line is generally group of words and ending with a new line character ('\n'). To count number of lines, regex is used along with split method split("\n") The no of split tokens gives the line count

  • A Paragraph consists of one or more sentences which are grouped logically. This tool identifies the number of Paragraph based on count of new line excluding line breaks.