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Generate a Secure and Random PIN (Personally Identifiable Number) ranging from 4 to 20 digits



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PIN is generated locally in your device

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How to Generate a PIN

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  • Set the PIN length using the slider. The range that can be used is 4 to 20 digits. Default length is 4 digits
  • The PIN is automatically generated in the PIN field for the configured length
  • You can regenerate new PIN each time by clicking the Generate button or Refresh icon

How Secure is the Generated PIN

  • The PIN generated by this tool is generated locally and not stored anywhere. There is no exchange of data with server for PIN generation or storage.
  • This PIN is generated using Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) algorithm. It generates a random number based on computation or a programming algorithm.
  • RNG is the most secure method. The higher the number of digits, the more secure it will be
  • A 4 digit PIN is secure enough for most common usage. With a 4 digit combination, the tool can generate upto 10,000 combination of random numbers ranging from 0000 to 9999
  • When generating a PIN, it is important to skip using easily guessable numbers. This includes birthdays, anniversaries, and other personal information. It is also important to avoid using sequential numbers or patterns, such as "1234" or "5555."
  • It is also important to keep your PIN secret. Do not share your PIN with anyone, and do not write it down anywhere. If you need to remember your PIN, try to memorize it or use a password manager.

When Do You Need a 4 Digit Number Generator?

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A PIN or a Personal Identification Number is used in different ways in everyday life.
  • Credit cards, Online Payment Gateways, Bank to Bank Transfers, Point of Sale Trasnaction (POS), ATM all of these typically use a 4 digit pin or passcode to verify authenticity of the user by sending an SMS or Email to the registered mobile number These are known as OTP or One time password and expire within few mins. They may be 4 or 6 digits at the maximum
  • Secure websites and apps also use additional PIN or passcodes for authenticating users, resetting passwords, accessing account details, payment processing. Rewards, Loyalty programs, gift coupons, vouchers will issue a PIN for redemption.
  • Access to Online Restricted Content in the form of books and reading material use PIN based authentication to determine if user is allowed to access the content or not.
  • Burglar alarm systems within Residential and Business blocks use a 4 digit numbering system for opening doors, gates.
  • Combination Padlock systems used in baggages and other equipments have a 4 digit number as additional layer of security on top of existing locking mechanism. Smart Cabinets , Mobiles and Other Digital Locker Systems can all be configured to use PIN to restrict access.
  • Turning on Parental Controls in Mobile, TV Channels and Cable content requires use of 4 digit PIN to enable/disable content
  • Lottery systems use 8 or 10 digit numbers to create lottery tickets. There are online lottery games that run with 4 or 6 digits numbers.
  • Any Online Services such as package delivery, food delivery or courier services use either 4 or 6 digit PIN to ensure that delivery happens to the intended recipient

In summary, wherever user has to set the PIN for access or to lock or unlock, the PIN generator tool will be useful so a secure random code can be generated every time.

In the absence of it, most people get stuck in coming up with unique random numbers and tend to use date-month or year combinations, their phone number digits or easily guessable sequences like 0000, 1234, or 9999 which is very easy to hack.

PIN Generation Techniques

These are commonly used techniques to generate PINs of different lengths and to store them securely.
  • Random Number PIN Generator: These generate truly random numbers where each pin that is generated is completely unpredictable. The number of unique combinations is exponential ie 10^n where n is the number of digits.
  • A Cryptographically Secure Random Number Generator or CSPRNG is a type of RNG that uses a seed that comes from an unpredictable external source like the environment noise, an OS interrupt, timer and other combinations and very difficult to predict the sequence.
  • Hash Function usually take user input and then use that to produce a hash and again it is resistant to collision and difficult to break. These are mostly used to secure the PIN for storage.
  • A salted hash function is a type of hash function that adds a random value to the input string before generating the hash value adding an additional dimension to it apart from user input. This makes it even more difficult to find two input strings that produce the same hash value.
  • Passphrase pin generation:: use a dictionary of words or phrases to generate pins. A dictionary is so large that it will be very difficult to generate duplicate pins.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pin Generators

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  • The Random 4 digit Number Generator is a free online tool for users to generate 4 digit codes for their everyday use.
    Users can use this generated code to configure and secure their digital sites and physical devices that support pin based entry.

  • Yes, it can be used any number of times without any limits or conditions

  • Yes, you can generate unlimited PINS ranging from 4 digits to 20 digits.
    The number of combinations ranges from 10^4 (10 k) to 10^20 (exa)

  • This tool uses PRNG (Pseudo Random number Generator) which is program based, all of which typically use a seed based on which the number sequence is generated.
    The numbers generated by PRNG are not considered as truly random unlike the TRNGs.
    A TRNG or True Random Number Generator uses physical component that relies on signals, noise, vibrations, interrupts, wind, disturbances etc. to produce the randomness.

  • A 4 digit PIN ranges from 0000 to 9999. Each digit can take a value of 0 to 9. This means there can be 10^4 or 10,000 combinations.
    A 6 digit PIN will have10^6 which is equal to 1000000 ie a million combination of numbers.