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Color Picker from Image

Get all colors from image with color code and hex. Generate a color palette from any picture or photo



Image - Color Extractor


How to Convert Image to Color Code using Tool?

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  • You can browse or pass an http image url and find out all the colors in the image.
  • Click on Browse icon and select the desired image. The image will get loaded into the input area.
  • If you know the path to an image url, then enter the http url to the image path.
  • As soon as the image is loaded in the input area, the tool will list out all the colors used in that image along with the RGB, Hex code
  • You can also get the exact color at any specific point in the image. Click on any part of the image and view the details corresponding to the clicked pixel point.
  • The tool is free to use and all the extraction happens on the client side. There is no data transfer to the server.

How does the Image Color Picker Work?

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  • This uses client side javascript and canvas to convert image to pixels.
  • The given image is drawn onto a canvas. The getImageData inbuilt function is used to get information for each pixel.
  • This function takes x, y position along with width and height as the input (rectangle coordinates) and returns an array of pixel data. Every 4 elements of the array constitutes r,g,b and alpha value of a pixel element.