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Use Cipher Encryption or Decryption to encode or decode messages securely. Your data is not transmitted or stored


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Encrypt your message here and securely share across other channels. Decrypt your encrypted message here with same key. Use this for simple secure message transfer online


You can use password generator or uuid generator to generate strong keys for encryption and decryption

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Frequently Asked Questions on Encrypt and Decrypt

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  • It means converting plain text to a different non-readable format to keep information confidential and facilitate secure transmission of data so only authorized persons can view it using decryption. Cryptography is the branch that deals with security , confidentiality and integrity of data.

  • Decryption is converting back encrypted data to plain text / original format. Encryption uses a key to encrypt the data. Decryption needs a key to decrypt the data. The keys can be same (symmetric) or different (asymmetric) depending on the algorithm used.

  • Secret key Cryptography. Public key Cryptography.

  • It is an encryption approach that converts a plain text to cipher text. Cipher works at the level of each letter applying different types of substitution or transformation algorithms They are known as 'Substitution Cipher' or 'Transposition/Shift Cipher'. Ciphers can use both symmetric or asymmetric approach. There are 2 main categories - Block Cipher and Stream Cipher

  • It is one of cryptography method using symmetric encryption (same key used to encrypt and decrypt). It uses XOR (exclusive OR) boolean operation on the data using the key provided.

  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), DES (Data encryption standard) and Caesar cipher are some examples of private key cryptography. Same key is used by sender and receipient to encrypt / decrypt the message. RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman)and DSS (Digital Signature Standard) are popular public key techniques.

  • In Block Cipher, the plain text or message is converted to fixed length blocks and then processed to cipher text. Block sizes will be like 128 bits. In Stream Cipher, each byte (8 bits) of information is processed.

  • Encoding is to transform data for transmission It can use ASCII, UTF-8, base 64 or URL (hex) encoding,. Its purpose is not for secure transmission but to pass data without it getting mis-interpreted. Encoding does not use key - the same encoding scheme used can be used for decoding. Encryption is to exchange encoded data securely. Its purpose is to ensure security, Confidentiality , Security and Integrity of data. RSA, AES, DES and other Cipher based algorithms. Encryption needs a key either private or public to get the encrypted data back. Hashing is an encryption technique to transform the input data to fixed length string (hash). It is primarily used to check integrity of data and authenticity/validity of data (like in digital signature or passwords). SHA256, SHA 512 are popular hashing algorithms. Hashing is irreversible ie the hashed data cannot be recovered. Also the output remains the same everytime for a given input.

  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) that uses symmetric block cipher cryptography with 256-bit key. It is the most popular and widely used encryption technique.

  • Both encryption and decryption to be done using this same url / page .