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Bar Chart

  • Bar chart or Column Chart is useful for visual representation of Discrete Data.

  • Bar chart are of these types - Vertical, Horizontal, Grouped, Stacked. Grouped and Stacked can be vertical or horizontal Can be used for comparison of multiple datasets with respect to a common category or grouping

  • Example : i) Sales, Revenue Data of a Product plotted on a yearly basis ii) Employess Hired vs Employees Attrition on a quarterly basis

  • It cannot be used for continuous data and where there are too many dimensions for comparison.


Grouped Bar Chart


Stacked Bar Chart

  • They are bar charts that are similar to pie charts laid out vertically.

  • They show split of parts or slices allowing of comparison of diffeerent categories and with multiple datasets making it more efficient than pie charts


Histogram Chart

  • They are like bar charts but used for non-discrete data points. It has grouped data on 1 axis and frequency of occurence on the other axis

  • Data points are grouped into ranges that are user defined

  • Age, Time, Weight, Height which generally have continuous data are most suitable for histograms


Line Chart

  • It is typically used for trend analysis connecting multiple data points and all using the same dimension (usually time periods)

  • It can also be useful to compare multiple categories over the same time period

  • Example of Share prices in stock market up/down is best indicated as line chart - during the day, during the month and so on..

  • Different stock market indexes trends are best captured with line charts


Pie Chart

  • It is a simple visualization in the form of circle or pie.

  • It is ideal for comparing between different groups or categories

  • Voting % of parties and different regions is typically shown as pie chart

  • It cannot be used with lot of data points and categories where slices become too many and difficult to view


Doughnut Chart

  • They are similar to pie chart depiction with a hole in the centre making it appear like a donut.

  • It is ideal for comparing between different groups or categories

  • Unlike pie, you can view multiple data series in a doughnut. Each dataset is shown as a separate circle.

  • It cannot be used with lot of data points and categories where slices become too many and difficult to view




Polar Area Chart

  • This is a mix of Pie chart and Bar chart.

  • It is organized as a circle showing different categories in a radial manner.

  • Like in bar, length of the radius is proportional to the value.


Radar Chart

  • They are also called as Spider or Web Charts and the data is shown in circular fashion

  • It is a 2 dimensional chart with data points against each category or dimension.

  • Each category is an axis and the data point for each is plotted on the axis and all data points connected

  • The shape that results from the connected data points is useful for analysis and interpretation and identifying outliers or abnormalities quickly


Box Plot / Box and Whisker Chart

  • It is a box plot with category along 1 axis and the data point on the other axis with more details

  • Each data point has 5 parts - Minimum, Maximum, Median, First Quartile and Third Quartile

  • It is very useful for comparison of different groups against same parameters

  • Comparison of Students Marks, Performance against a Design Specification, Comparison of Efficacy of Vaccines from different countries


Chart Your Way to Success with our Simple Online Chart Maker Tool

Chart Icon An online chart maker tool typically offer a variety of chart types, including:
  • Bar charts: These charts are useful for comparing categorical data in horizontal or vertical and plain or stacked.
  • Line charts: These charts are useful for showing trends over time.
  • Pie charts: These charts are useful for showing the proportion of different categories in a dataset.
  • Scatter plots: These charts are useful for showing the relationship between two variables.

Our Simple online chart generator tool can be used by a variety of people for various purposes, including
  • Students: Students use online chart makers to create charts for their assignments and presentations.
  • Businesses: Businesses use online chart makers to create charts for reports, presentations, and marketing materials.
  • Bloggers and website owners: Bloggers and website owners use online chart makers to create charts for their articles and blog posts.
  • Individuals: Individuals use online chart makers to create charts for personal projects, such as tracking their fitness goals or managing their finances.

How to Customize the Chart?

You can customize the charts by:
  • Changing the chart type:You can enter the dataset and it generates the view for different charts. You can choose different modes for viewing - horizontal, vertical, area, line etc...
  • Modifying the chart colors: You can change the color scheme used for each of the data set
  • Modify title and labels as per the requirement.
  • Exporting the chart: Users can download their chart as image and integrate it into their application.

Why use Mybrowser App store's Chart Generator?

Our online chart generator offers several benefits, including:
  • Ease of use: These tools are designed to be easy to use, even for those with no prior experience in chart creation.
  • Accessibility: Responsive and accessible from any device , making data visualization convenient and accessible.
  • Free: It is absolutely free to use and no limits
  • Variety of chart types: All the commonly used charts are supported such as bar, stacked, line, area, polar, pie, radar, whisker
  • Customization options: You can customize your charts in a very easy and elegant way
  • Exporting capabilities: Export as images or share the entire url with others and use it for further analysis.
Overall, the online chart maker tool provided by us is for anyone who wants to create charts easily and effectively.