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Formula to convert Miles to Km and Km to Miles

How many Km in Mile ?

To convert kilometers to miles, multiply the mile value by 1.609344

kilometers = miles * 1.609344

How many Miles in Km?

To convert Miles to Kilometers, divide the km value by 1.609344

miles = kilometers / 1.609344

You can also use the following approximate conversion factors:
  • To convert miles to kilometers: multiply by 1.6
  • To convert kilometers to miles: divide by 1.6
For example, to convert 10 miles to kilometers, you would multiply by 1.609344, which gives you 16.09344 kilometers. To convert 10 kilometers to miles, you would divide by 1.609344, which gives you 6.21371 miles.

Facts about miles and kilometers

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  • The mile is a unit of length in the imperial and customary system of measurements, while the kilometer is a unit of length in the metric system.
  • The mile is used in the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries, while the kilometer is used in the vast majority of other countries in the world.
  • 1 mile is equal to 1.60934 kilometers. This means that 1 kilometer is approximately 0.62137 miles.
  • One mile is defined as being equal to 1,760 × 3 × 914,400 wavelengths of orange light in a vacuum with a wavelength of 602 nanometers.
  • One kilometer is defined as being equal to the distance traveled by light in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 seconds.
  • Both Miles and Kilometers are used while measuring distances on land, lengths of tracts of land, desert, sea or rivers, distance between 2 places, distance covered by runners, fuel efficiency of vehicles, The usage of miles vs kilometers depends on both country & department where it is used and the system they follow

When do you need Miles to Kilometer Conversion?

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Converting between miles and kilometers is useful in a variety of situations, including:
  • When Traveling between countries that follow different systems, you need to be able to convert between miles and kilometers to measure distances, understand mileage, speed and other quantities
  • All signboards in different parts of the cities will have directions in the unit adopted by that country. Being able to convert km to miles or vice-versa will help navigate the routes better
  • For purpose of comparison and to be able to visualize distances and lengths of known things or entities, it's convenient to have them converted to a single unit (mi or km) whichever unit is familiar to the individual

Kilometers to Miles (Km to Miles) Conversion Table

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1 km0.6 miles
2 km1.2 miles
2.5 km1.5 miles
3 km1.9 miles
3.5 km2 miles
4 km2.5 miles
5 km3 miles
6 km3.7 miles
7 km4.3 miles
8 km5 miles
9 km5.6 miles
10 km6.2 miles
11 km6.8 miles
12 km7.5 miles
13 km8 miles
14 km8.7 miles
15 km9.3 miles
16 km10 miles
17 km10.6 miles
18 km11 miles
19 km11.8 miles
20 km12 miles
21 km13 miles
23 km14 miles
25 km15.3 miles
30 km19 miles
35 km22 miles
40 km25 miles
45 km28 miles
50 km31 miles
55 km34 miles
75 km47 miles
80 km50 miles
90 km56 miles
100 km62 miles
108 km67 miles
120 km75 miles
123 km76 miles
125 km78 miles
150 km93 miles
170 km106 miles
175 km109 miles
200 km124 miles
240 km149 miles
250 km155 miles
300 km186 miles
400 km249 miles
500 km311 miles
600 km373 miles
700 km435 miles
800 km479 miles
900 km559 miles
1000 km621 miles
5000 km3107 miles
10000 km6214 miles
20000 km12427 miles
50000 km31069 miles

Miles to Kilometers (mile to km) Conversion Table

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1 mile1.6 km
1.6 miles2.6 km
2 miles3.2 km
3 miles4.8 km
3.1 miles5 km
3.3 miles5.3 km
3.5 miles5.6 km
4 miles6.4 km
5 miles8 km
6 miles10 km
7 miles11 km
8 miles13 km
9 miles14 km
10 miles16 km
11 miles18 km
12 miles19 km
13 miles21 km
13.1 miles21.1 km
18 miles29 km
20 miles32 km
21 miles34 km
24 miles39 km
25 miles40 km
27 miles43 km
30 miles48 km
35 miles56 km
40 miles64 km
45 miles72 km
50 miles80 km
55 miles89 km
60 miles97 km
65 miles105 km
70 miles113 km
75 miles121 km
80 miles129 km
85 miles137 km
90 miles145 km
100 miles161 km
120 miles193 km
140 miles225 km
150 miles241 km
160 miles257 km
180 miles290 km
200 miles322 km
220 miles354 km
250 miles402 km
300 miles483 km
350 miles563 km
400 miles644 km
450 miles724 km
500 miles805 km
750 miles1207 km
1000 miles1609 km
2000 miles3219 km
3000 miles4828 km
5000 miles8047 km

Frequently Asked Questions on km to miles and miles to km conversion

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  • Miles and Kilometers are units of distance. US and UK use mile as the standard. All other countries use kilometer as the unit. Both indicate a '1000' . kilo means 1000 and originated from Greek. A mile means 1000 paces or steps and this has its origin from Rome.

  • The SI Unit for distance is meters. 1 km = 1000 meters . 1 mile = 1609.3 meters.

  • Height and Depth are measured in meters or feet whereas Length and Distance are expressed in kms or miles for larger magnitude.
    Distance between locations in a place are generally mentioned in km or miles.
    Distance between cities, countries are indicated in 100's or 1000's of kilometers.
    Mileage of vehicles are indicated in Liters Per Kilometer or Gallons per mile.
    Distance between planets in the solar system is expressed in millions of kms or millions of miles.

  • 1 Mile = 1.6093 kilometers

  • 1 Kilometer = 0.6213 Miles

  • Mile is a bigger unit. It is 1.6 times bigger than kilometer.

  • A light year is distance light travels in 1 earth year.
    1 light year = 6 trillion miles .
    1 light year = 9.6 trillion kilometers .
    1 light year = 64500 AU

  • An Astronomical unit is equal to 150 million kilometers and 93 million miles.

  • League is a unit to measure distance and commonly used in Europe and Latin America.
    1 light year = 6 trillion miles .
    1 league = 3 miles .
    1 league = 4.83 kms .
    A league was based on the distance a human could walk in 1 hour

  • It is used to measure distance travelled through water. 1 Nautical mile = 1.1508 miles (1.852 kilometers)