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Conversions in Measurement

    The most popular conversions in measurement are those that are used in everyday life. These include:
  • Weight: Pounds to kilograms, kilograms to pounds
  • Length and Height: Feet to meters, meters to feet, feet and inches to cm, inches and feet to meter or cm
  • Volume: Gallons to liters, liters to gallons
  • Temperature: Fahrenheit to Celsius, Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Speed: Miles per hour to kilometers per hour, kilometers per hour to miles per hour
Other popular conversions include:
  • Pressure: Pounds per square inch to pascals, pascals to pounds per square inch
  • Power: Watts to horsepower, horsepower to watts
  • Land Area : Acre to Sq feet, Hectare to Acre, Sq feet to Sq Yard
  • Data storage: Bytes to kilobytes, kilobytes to megabytes, megabytes to gigabytes, gigabytes to terabytes, terabytes to petabytes
  • Time: Minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months, months to years
  • Color : Rgb to hex, hex to cmyk, hsl and hsv
    These conversions are often used in recipes, procurements, construction projects, scientific experiments, and other everyday tasks.
    Here are some examples of how these conversions can be used:
  • A recipe may call for 2 cups of flour. If you are using a metric measuring cup, you would need to convert 2 cups to 500 milliliters.
  • A construction project may require 100 feet of lumber. If you are using a metric tape measure, you would need to convert 100 feet to 30.48 meters.
  • A scientific experiment may require 100 milliliters of a solution. If you are using a US customary measuring cup, you would need to convert 100 milliliters to 3.38 fluid ounces.
  • These are just a few examples of how popular conversions in measurement are used in everyday life.
    You can use the conversion tools below to save time and frustration when working with different measurement systems.

Pound - Kilogram Converter

Convert Pound to Kg and Kg to Pound


Mile - Kilometer Converter

Convert Mile to Kilometer or Kilometer to Mile


Celsius - Fahrenheit Converter

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit , Fahrenheit to Celsius, Celsius to Kelvin, Kelvin to Celsius, Rankine to Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit to Rankine


Feet and Inch to Centimeter Height Converter

Convert Height from Feet-Inch (ft and in) to Centimeter (cm) and Centimeter to Feet-Inch


Ounce - Gram Converter

Convert Ounce to Gram or Gram to Ounce


RGB - Hex Converter

Convert RGB to HEX, HSL , HSV and CMYK, HEX, HSL, HSV and CMYK to RGB. Select a Color and find the equivalent RGB, HEX, HSV, HSL and CMYK


Mph - Kph Converter

Convert Miles per hour to Kilometers per hour, Kilometers per hour to Miles per hour


Gallon - Liter Converter

Convert Gallon to Liter or Liter to Gallon


Milliliter - Gram Converter

Convert ml to gram and gram to ml


Gallon Liter Quart Pint Oz mL Tbsp Tsp- All Fluid Measure Converters

Convert L to Gal to Qt to mL to Ounce to Cup, Tbsp and Tsp


Sq ft to Sq Yard - Sq Yard to Sq ft converter

Find out how many square feet in a sq yard and Square Yard in sq feet


Sq ft to Acre - Acre to Sq ft converter

Find out how many square feet in an acre and acre in square feet


Land Area Measure Converter

Convert To Ground, Hectare, Acre, Square Feet, Square Yard, Square Mile and Square Km


Millimeters - Inches Converter

Convert mm to inches and inches to mm


Feet - Mile Converter

Convert feet to miles and miles to feet


Radian - Degree Converter

Convert Radian to Degree or Degree to Radian


Pixel - REM Converter

Convert Pixel to REM , REM to Pixel


Centimeter - Feet Converter

Convert cm to feet and feet to cm


Cm - Inches Converter

Convert Centimeters to Inches (cm to inch) and Inches to Centimeters (inches to cm)


Gram - Pound Converter

Convert Grams to Pounds or Pounds to Grams


Microgram - Milligram Converter

Convert Microgram to Milligram or Milligram to Microgram


Milligram - Gram Converter

Convert Milligram to Grams or Grams to Milligram


Gram - Kilogram Converter

Convert Grams to Kilograms or Kilograms to Grams


Kilogram - Stone Converter

Convert Kg to Stone and Stone to Kg


Ounce - Pound Converter

Convert Ounces to Pounds (oz to lbs) or Pounds to Ounces (lbs to oz)


Gallon - Quart Converter

Convert Quarts to Gallons (qt to gallon) or Gallon to Quarts (gal to qt)


Gallon - Pint Converter

Convert Pints to Gallons (pt to gal) or Gallon to Pints (gal to pt)


Quart - Cup Converter

Convert Quarts to Cups or Cups to Quarts


Quart - Pint Converter

Convert Pints to Quarts (pt to qt) or Quarts to Pints (qt to pt)


Pint - Cup Converter

Convert Pints to Cups or Cups to Pints


Pint - Ounce Converter

Convert Pints to Ounce (pt to oz) or Ounces to Pints (fl oz to pint)


Ounce - Gallon Converter

Convert oz to gallon and gallon to oz


Ounce - Liter Converter

Convert Oz to Liter or Liter to Oz


Ounce - Quart Converter

Convert Oz to Qt or Qt to Oz


Ounce - Cup Converter

Convert cup to oz or oz to cups


Ounce - CC Converter

Convert cc to oz or oz to cc


Ounce - Tablespoon Converter

Convert oz to tbsp or tbsp to oz


Tablespoon - Cup Converter

Convert tbsp to cup or cup to tbsp


Tablespoon - Teaspoon Converter

Convert tbsp to tsp or tsp to tbsp


CC - Ml Converter

Convert cc to ml (cubic cm to ml) and convert ml to cc (ml to cubic cm)


Tablespoon - Gram Converter

Convert Gram to Tablespoon and Tablespoon to Gram


Milliliter - Tablespoon Converter

Convert milliliter to tablespoon (ml to tbsp) or tablespoon to milliliter (tbsp to ml)


Milliliter - Cup Converter

Convert milliliter to cup (ml to cup) or cup to milliliter (cup to ml)


Milliliter - Ounce Converter

Convert milliliter to ounce (ml to oz) or ounces to milliliter (oz to ml)


Milliliter - Liter Converter

Convert milliliter to liter (ml to l) or Liter to milliliter (l to ml)


Liter - Cup Converter

Convert liter to cup or cup to liter


Liter - Quart Converter

Convert liter to quart or quart to liter


Gallons to Pounds Converter

Convert gallon to lb and lb to gallon


Liter - Kg Converter

Convert liter to kg and kg to liter