Mine Sweeper

Mine Sweeper

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Locate all the mines in the field grid. Use the clues given by the other blocks to discover the mine. CLICK ANY CELL TO START
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  • Click on a cell to find the number of mines nearby. Use that to locate the spot of mines accurately.
  • Right click to mark the location of a mine. You can right click again to remove it
  • Clicking on a mine cell directly will end the game.
  • New will start a fresh game, Restart will start the same game. Continue will allow you to play by reverting the last step.

How to play the Mine Sweeper Game?

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  • The goal is to locate and mark all the mines in the grid. Right click to mark the spot of the mine.

  • Click on any cell of the grid to start the game. Each grid shows a number which indicates the number of mines in its immediate neighbourhood.

  • If you click a mine cell directly, the game will end. However you can continue with the game by undoing the incorrect step

  • Once you mark all the mines in the grid accurately, you win the game.

  • You can also use the Reveal to view the location of the mines

  • Clicking Restart will restart the same game. Clicking New will start a fresh game

How to create your own Mine Sweeper Game?

  • You can customize and create your own version of mine sweeper.

  • Select / Enable the option labelled as 'Create your own mine sweeper game' .

  • In the grid, right click and mark the spots of the mine. Click on Save and copy link to share