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Useful Free tools & Apps that run on your browser


Pound - Kilogram Converter

Convert Pound to Kg and Kg to Pound


Mile - Kilometer Converter

Convert Mile to Kilometer or Kilometer to Mile


Celsius - Fahrenheit Converter

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit , Fahrenheit to Celsius, Celsius to Kelvin, Kelvin to Celsius, Rankine to Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit to Rankine


Feet and Inch to Centimeter Height Converter

Convert Height from Feet-Inch (ft and in) to Centimeter (cm) and Centimeter to Feet-Inch


Ounce - Gram Converter

Convert Ounce to Gram or Gram to Ounce


RGB - Hex Converter

Convert RGB to HEX, HSL , HSV and CMYK, HEX, HSL, HSV and CMYK to RGB. Select a Color and find the equivalent RGB, HEX, HSV, HSL and CMYK


Mph - Kph Converter

Convert Miles per hour to Kilometers per hour, Kilometers per hour to Miles per hour


Gallon - Liter Converter

Convert Gallon to Liter or Liter to Gallon


Milliliter - Gram Converter

Convert ml to gram and gram to ml


Gallon Liter Quart Pint Oz mL Tbsp Tsp- All Fluid Measure Converters

Convert L to Gal to Qt to mL to Ounce to Cup, Tbsp and Tsp


Sq ft to Sq Yard - Sq Yard to Sq ft converter

Find out how many square feet in a sq yard and Square Yard in sq feet


Sq ft to Acre - Acre to Sq ft converter

Find out how many square feet in an acre and acre in square feet


Land Area Measure Converter

Convert To Ground, Hectare, Acre, Square Feet, Square Yard, Square Mile and Square Km


Millimeters - Inches Converter

Convert mm to inches and inches to mm


Feet - Mile Converter

Convert feet to miles and miles to feet


Radian - Degree Converter

Convert Radian to Degree or Degree to Radian


Pixel - REM Converter

Convert Pixel to REM , REM to Pixel


Centimeter - Feet Converter

Convert cm to feet and feet to cm


Cm - Inches Converter

Convert Centimeters to Inches (cm to inch) and Inches to Centimeters (inches to cm)


Gram - Pound Converter

Convert Grams to Pounds or Pounds to Grams


Microgram - Milligram Converter

Convert Microgram to Milligram or Milligram to Microgram


Milligram - Gram Converter

Convert Milligram to Grams or Grams to Milligram


Gram - Kilogram Converter

Convert Grams to Kilograms or Kilograms to Grams


Kilogram - Stone Converter

Convert Kg to Stone and Stone to Kg


Ounce - Pound Converter

Convert Ounces to Pounds (oz to lbs) or Pounds to Ounces (lbs to oz)


Gallon - Quart Converter

Convert Quarts to Gallons (qt to gallon) or Gallon to Quarts (gal to qt)


Gallon - Pint Converter

Convert Pints to Gallons (pt to gal) or Gallon to Pints (gal to pt)


Quart - Cup Converter

Convert Quarts to Cups or Cups to Quarts


Quart - Pint Converter

Convert Pints to Quarts (pt to qt) or Quarts to Pints (qt to pt)


Pint - Cup Converter

Convert Pints to Cups or Cups to Pints


Pint - Ounce Converter

Convert Pints to Ounce (pt to oz) or Ounces to Pints (fl oz to pint)


Ounce - Gallon Converter

Convert oz to gallon and gallon to oz


Ounce - Liter Converter

Convert Oz to Liter or Liter to Oz


Ounce - Quart Converter

Convert Oz to Qt or Qt to Oz


Ounce - Cup Converter

Convert cup to oz or oz to cups


Ounce - CC Converter

Convert cc to oz or oz to cc


Ounce - Tablespoon Converter

Convert oz to tbsp or tbsp to oz


Tablespoon - Cup Converter

Convert tbsp to cup or cup to tbsp


Tablespoon - Teaspoon Converter

Convert tbsp to tsp or tsp to tbsp


Tablespoon - Gram Converter

Convert Gram to Tablespoon and Tablespoon to Gram


Milliliter - Tablespoon Converter

Convert milliliter to tablespoon (ml to tbsp) or tablespoon to milliliter (tbsp to ml)


Milliliter - Cup Converter

Convert milliliter to cup (ml to cup) or cup to milliliter (cup to ml)


Milliliter - Ounce Converter

Convert milliliter to ounce (ml to oz) or ounces to milliliter (oz to ml)


Milliliter - Liter Converter

Convert milliliter to liter (ml to l) or Liter to milliliter (l to ml)


Liter - Cup Converter

Convert liter to cup or cup to liter


Liter - Quart Converter

Convert liter to quart or quart to liter


Gallons to Pounds Converter

Convert gallon to lb and lb to gallon


Liter - Kg Converter

Convert liter to kg and kg to liter

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Hex Decoder and Hex Encoder

Decode your hex or Encode your text using Hex encoding-decoding tool

password regex icon

Password Regex Generator and Validator

Generate Regex for Password and Validate regex expression for password


String Tools

Text Manipulation and Transformation:Find and Replace with wild cards, Remove Duplicate, Trim Space

cert decoder icon

Digital Certificate Decoder

Decode your PEM Encoded Cert, CSR, RSA Private Key, DER Format Cert and PKCS12 and PKCS7


Random UUID Generator

Generate GUID / UUID at random for different types


URL Encoder and Decoder

Encode or Decode URL / Text

json icon

JSON Formatter

Format your json data


Encrypt / Decrypt

Encrypt / Decrypt your message

base64 encoder icon

Base64 Encoder

Encode your image using Base64

bits bytes icon

Kilobytes - Megabytes - Gigabytes

Convert kb to mb to gb and gb to mb to kb

hex binary  icon

Hex to Binary - Binary to Hex

Convert Hexadecimal to Binary or Binary to Hexadecimal Number

hex dec  icon

Hex to Decimal - Decimal to Hex

Convert Hexadecimal to Decimal or Decimal to Hexadecimal

bin dec  icon

Binary to Decimal - Decimal to Binary

Convert Binary to Decimal or Decimal to Binary

bcd dec  icon

BCD to Decimal - Decimal to BCD

Convert Binary Coded Decimal to Decimal or Decimal to Binary Coded Decimal

all encoder  icon

All Encoders & Number System Converters

Integrated Text Encoders and Number System Converters

hash icon


Hash your file or text input using SHA or MD5


Case Converter Online

Convert text to Upper Case, lower case, snake case, title case, sentence case

email regex icon

Email Regex Generator and Validator

Generate Regex for Email and Validate regex expression for email

name regex icon

Name Regex Generator and Validator

Generate Rules based Regex for Names and Validate regex expression for name inputs

phone regex icon

Phone Regex Generator and Validator

Generate Rules based Regex and Validator for Phone numbers

crontab icon

Crontab Schedule Expression Generator

Generate Rules based Expression for Crontab Job Scheduling

URL regex icon

URL Regex Generator and Validator

Generate Regex for URL Validation

currency regex icon

Currency Regex Generator and Validator

Generate Regex for Currency Validation

IP Adress regex icon

IP Address Regex Generator and Validator

Generate Regex for IP Address Validation


Add Fractions and Numbers

Add and Subtract Decimals, Whole Numbers, Integers


Prime Number and Composite Number

What is Prime and How to find a number is Prime or Composite


Prime Factorization And Factorization

Find the Prime factor, Factor and Factor Pairs for a given number


Percent - Fraction Converter

Convert Fraction to Percent and Percent to Fraction


Decimal - Fraction Converter

Convert Decimal to Fraction and Fraction to Decimal


Percent - Decimal Converter

Convert Decimal to Percent and Percent to Decimal


Percent Change Calculator

Find the Percent Change between two numbers.


Lowest Common Multiple

Find the lowest common multiple (lcm) of given numbers


Greatest Common Factor (GCF)

Find the greatest common factor of the given numbers


Square Root Calculator

Find the square root of any number


Discount Calculator

Calculate the discounted price with the percent off calculator


Divide by / Modulo Calculator

Divide Any two numbers and find the Quotient and Modulo


Surface Area Calculator

Find Surface Area of Cylinder, Surface Area of Sphere and Surface Area of Cube, Cuboid, Pyramid, Prism, Cone


Volume Calculator

Volume of Cylinder Formula, Volume of Sphere and Volume of Cube, Cuboid, Pyramid, Prism, Cone


2d Shapes Area Calculator

Area and Perimeter of Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, Ellipse, Rhombus, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Pentagon, Hexagon


Log Calculator

Find the common log, natural log of any number


Exponent Calculator

Find the power of any number


Scientifc Notation Calculator

Convert Number to Scientific Notation, Exponent Notation and Metric Notation


Arithmetic Operations Calculator

Evaluate Arithmetic Expressions using Order Of Operations rules with PEMDAS or BODMAS


Factorial Calculator

Find the factorial of a number


GPA Calculator

Calculate your Weighted, Unweighted, Cumulative Overall GPA


Simple Interest Calculator

Find the simple interest and the final amount for the principal.


Statistics Summary Calculator

Compute Mean, Median, Mode, Quartiles, Variance, Standard Deviation, Min, Max, Range, Standard Error and Sigma


Correlation Coefficient R Calculator

Find the correlation coefficient between two variables .

hang mon icon

Create your own Hangman Online

Play Free Hangman Game Online, make your own hangman words and share with friends

Bulls and Cows icon

Bulls and Cows Number Game

Play Bulls and Cows Number Game online. Share game link with friends with your own secret number to guess

memory game icon

Memory Game

Test and sharpen your memory skills with this game

Sudoku icon

Web Sudoku

Play Web Sudoku Online for Free

mine sweeper icon

Classic Mine Sweeper Game

Spot all the mines correctly based on the clues provided

Word icon

Word Search Maker

Find all the hidden words or Make your own word search game and play with friends.

jigsaw icon

Jigsaw Puzzles

Make your own jigsaw puzzles online and play jigsaw drag n drop slider game

Word icon

Word Wipe Game

Discover all the magic hidden words and wipe out as many words within the given time. Add your own words and share with friends

Word icon

UnScramble Word Game

Unscramble the letters to find the word. Make as many words from the given letters

Word icon

Word Guess

Guess the word of the day. Create your own unlimited words and play with your friends

biscuit-jar icon

The Last Biscuit Game

Can you pick the last biscuit and win playing against computer. Try out now!

number-slider icon

Number Slider Puzzle

Slide the numbers in the right position with shortest number of moves!

make-number icon

Make 24 Math Game

Use the 4 numbers and the operators to get number 24 or the target number!

tetris icon

Free Tetris Online Game

Arrange the tetrinomoes horizontally and prevent them from piling up!

breakup icon

Classic Breakout Game

Break the bricks and win the game. Play the old classic game for free

manhole icon

The Manhole Game

Test your Reflexes with this Game and ensure that Creature Walkers don't fall into the manhole!

archer icon

The Archery Game

Try this Classic Bow and Arrow Game of Archery requiring focus, skill and patience

paratroooper icon


Defend your base from the enemy. Shoot down all paratroopers before they capture you

nibbler icon

Nibbler Snake Game

Control the nibbling and growing snake navigating a confined space while avoiding walls and obstacles

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Mybrowser app store (mbas) is a one-stop shop for all your productivity, entertainment, wellbeing and learning needs. Mybrowser app store offers a wide range of tools under different categories
You can find the perfect tool for any job. Whether you need to generate a random password, calculate your BMI, make charts or play a game of Sudoku, Mybrowser app store has you covered.
Here is a more detailed look at some of the tools and utilities that mybrowser offers:
  • Generators: Generate random names, screen names, sample JSON, color palettes and gradients, colors, Lorem Ipsum, random words, pins, passwords, and sample test emails.
  • Calculators: Calculate your age, date of birth, add and subtract days from a date, days since, days from, dog to human years, cat to human years, Roman numerals to numbers, number in words, and word and character counters.
  • Converters: Convert between the most popular measurement units, such as weight, length and height, volume, temperature, speed, power, land area, data storage, time, and color.
  • Time-related tools: Work with time using epoch time, time now in different time zones and countries, hours to days, seconds to hours, seconds to minutes, minutes to days, days to weeks, and weeks to years.
  • Developer tools: Encrypt data, decode hex and base 64 codes, parse digital certificates, generate and validate regex expressions, generate cron tab expressions, convert UUID, BCD, hex, and binary numbers, format JSON, encode and decode URLs, hash data, and more.
  • Math: Perform math operations such as finding prime numbers, prime factorization, factorials, exponents, logarithms, converting between percent and decimals, adding fractions and decimals, finding square roots, dividing by, working with scientific notation, calculating volume and surface area of 2D and 3D objects, statistics, and more.
  • Wellbeing: Track your health metrics such as BMI, RFM, BMR, BAI, WHR, calories to kg, calories to pound, calories burned, calories to activity, calories to joule energy, steps to calories, and breathing visualization.
  • Games: Play classic games and word games such as hangman, word finder, scramble words, word wipe, word guess, memory, jigsaw, Sudoku, make 24, manhole, Tetris, breakout, and mine sweeper. Challenge your mind with math games such as make 24, bulls and cows, and last biscuit.
Whether you are a student, a professional, developer, household user or just someone who wants to learn new things, Mybrowser has something for you.
It is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to be more productive, entertained, and informed.

Browser-Based Apps and Tools: Why You Need Them

  • Access Them From Anywhere, On Any Device.
  • Save Time and Money with Our Powerful FREE Platform.
  • The Best Apps and Tools for Your Needs, All in One Place.
  • This is the Future - We believe that browser-based tools and apps are the future of computing, and we are committed to building the most useful set of tools and utilities.
  • We offer a wide range of quality apps and tools that are designed to meet the needs of different users .
Browser-based tools and apps offer a number of advantages over native apps and mobile apps
  • Accessibility: Browser based apps and tools can be accessed from any device with a web browser, regardless of the operating system. This makes them more accessible to a wider range of users than native apps and mobile apps, which are typically tied to a specific platform.
  • No download of softwares or installations needed. It is very convenient. to open the web and start using
  • Cost-effectiveness: Browser-based tools and apps are generally less expensive to develop and maintain than native apps and mobile apps. This is because they do not need to be ported to different platforms or updated as often.
  • Security: Browser-based apps and tools can be more secure than native apps and mobile apps because they do not require access to the user's device's storage or permissions. This makes them less vulnerable to malware and other security threats.
Remember with MyBrowser app store, β€˜ All the computing happens in the browser and your data never leaves the browser’.
  • Speed: Faster and more accurate than native converters and calculators.
  • Collaboration: Easier to collaborate, customize and share than native apps
  • Updates: Browser-based apps and tools are automatically updated when the user's web browser is updated. This means that users do not have to worry about manually updating their apps or tools, and they can always be sure that they are using the latest version.
As more and more people use the internet to access their devices, browser-based apps and tools will become increasingly popular.
Browser-based apps and tools have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with computers.