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MyBrowser App Store which is a free online browser platform for useful apps and tools is developed by Atanico Digital Solutions Private Limited
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MyBrowser App Store: Everything you need, all in one place

Mybrowser app store (mbas) is a one-stop shop for all your productivity, entertainment, wellbeing, learning and development needs. Mybrowser app store offers a wide range of tools under different categories
You can find the right tool for any job. Whether you need to generate a random password, calculate your BMI, make charts or play a game of Sudoku, look no further than this site.
The list of tools and utilities that mybrowser offers:
  • Generators: Generate random names, screen names, sample JSON, color palettes and gradients, colors, Lorem Ipsum, random words, pins, passwords, and sample test emails.
  • Calculators: Calculate your age, date of birth, add and subtract days from a date, days since, days from, dog to human years, cat to human years, Roman numerals to numbers, number in words, and word and character counters.
  • Converters: These conversion calculators helps you to convert between the most popular measurement units, such as weight, length and height, volume, temperature, speed, power, land area, data storage, time, and color.
  • Time-related tools: Work with time using epoch time, time now in different time zones and countries, hours to days, seconds to hours, seconds to minutes, minutes to days, days to weeks, and weeks to years.
  • Developer tools: Encrypt data, decode hex and base 64 codes, parse digital certificates, generate and validate regex expressions, generate cron tab expressions, convert UUID, BCD, hex, and binary numbers, format JSON, encode and decode URLs, hash data, and more.
  • Math: Perform math operations such as finding prime numbers, prime factorization, factorials, exponents, logarithms, converting between percent and decimals, adding fractions and decimals, finding square roots, dividing by, working with scientific notation, calculating volume and surface area of 2D and 3D objects, statistics, and more.
  • Wellbeing: Track your health metrics such as BMI, RFM, BMR, BAI, WHR, calories to kg, calories to pound, calories burned, calories to activity, calories to joule energy, steps to calories, and breathing visualization.
  • Games: Play free classic games and word games online such as hangman, word finder, scramble words, word wipe, word guess, memory, jigsaw, Sudoku, make 24, manhole, Tetris, breakout, nibbler and mine sweeper. Create your own customized game versions easily