Random Name Generator

Generate a list of random usernames or screen names. It is generated locally in your browser.



Random Name Generator


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What is the use of Random Name Generator?

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Random name Generators or Screen Name generators have several uses:
  • For Signing up with fictional names on 3rd party sites to protect your privacy
  • To generate new ideas for a Product, Game Character, Novel Character, Project, a Pet name or any Name for that matter
  • As bulk test data for testing out Name fields in different applications
  • Online Game Persona, Avatar, Player Name, Group Name
  • Social Media Display Name, Chat, Messaging Apps wherever you want to maintain Anonymity

How does this Name Generator Tool Work?

  • Markov Chain, N-Gram Sequence, Rule Based, Dictionaries with custom mash up are some of the common ways to generate names.
  • This Name Generator tool maintains a dictionary of words, combines them in different ways to create realistic, unique names