nibbler game

Nibbler: The Classic Snake Game

Recapture the arcade snake magic with Nibblers. Eat your way through the grass!




Spot the egg in the grass and move the snake towards it and eat the egg
Use ARROW keys. Your target is 20 eggs. You lose if the snake crashes into the walls or hits the obstacle
Help: Use 'Left' , 'Right', 'Up' and "Down' arrows to move the Snake.

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How to Play the Nibbler Game?

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Here are instructions to play the version of nibbler game on this site
  • The GAME STARTS when you press any of the arrow keys and the SNAKE uncoils to full size.
  • Use Arrow Keys to move the snake UP, DOWN, RIGHT or LEFT.
  • Spot the Food (Egg) in the grass and move the snake over it to eat it.
  • The snake expands a bit after eating and also gains speed.
  • The snake is allowed to cross over itself.
  • An obstacle appears at random intervals of time. Snake should go around the obstacles
  • You score 1 point for every egg eaten.
  • The game is WON if you are able to make the snake eat 20 eggs.
  • The game is LOST if the snake hits the walls or hits the obstacles.