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Track anything with ease! Up/Down tally counter with reset & target.

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Press + to increment counter and - to decrement the counter. Target set to 999 which can be changed in settings below.

Set Starting value for Counter and Target value
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Simplify Counting: Introducing the Digital Counter Tool

Counter Tool
A simple digital counter tool is an application used to keep track of a number that is incremented or decremented.
Here are some of the common features of simple digital counter tools:
  • Basic counting: This is the most essential feature, allowing you to increment or decrement the displayed number with each press of a button or tap on the screen.
  • Reset button: This button allows you to start over from zero, regardless of the current count.
  • Target value: You can set a specific target number for the counter, and it will beep or vibrate when the count reaches that number.
  • Multiple counters: Some tools allow you to track multiple counts simultaneously, which can be helpful for tasks like keeping score in a game or tracking different inventory items.
  • Customizable settings: You may be able to adjust the sound effects
It can be used for a variety of purposes, including:
Counting Tasks: It can be used in daily activities such as knitting, running, prayer, chanting for any repetitive tasks.
Tracking inventory: Businesses can use digital counters to track the number of items they have in stock.
Counting customers: Businesses can use digital counters to track the number of customers who come into their store.
Keeping score in games: Digital counters can be used to keep score in games between multiple players manually