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Paratrooper Takedown

Defend your base from the enemy's elite paratroopers, who are dropping from the sky to storm your command center. Shoot them down before they can land and capture you




Use 'LEFT' and 'RIGHT' arrow to move the battle matchine. Press SPACEBAR to release the bullet.
Help: Hit 'Spacebar' to shoot. Use Left and Right Arrow to move the machine

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How to play the new Paratrooper Game

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  • The paratrooper game is an adaptation and inspired by the classic arcade game released in 1982.

  • It is a single-player action game where the player controls an anti-aircraft battle machine to protect their base from invading paratroopers.

  • The player's battle machine is at the bottom and the enemy helicopters flying across the top. The player must use their turret to shoot down the paratroopers before they can drop to the ground.
  • In addition to paratroopers, the player must also contend with enemy jets that drop bombs. The jets can be shot down, but the bombs are more difficult to destroy. If a bomb hits the player's turret, the game is over.
  • The player also has to be careful not to let more than 5 paratroopers land on their base. If five or more paratroopers land safely, they will overpower and capture you. The game ends if more than 5 paratroopers descend to the ground safely.
  • Paratrooper is a simple but challenging game that requires quick reflexes and good strategy. The player must balance their ammo carefully, as they can only fire a limited number of shots before they run out of bullets.
  • They must also decide whether to focus on shooting down jets, or whether to duck them.
Here are some tips for playing Paratrooper:
  • Prioritize shooting down paratroopers as they can directly drop onto your base and capture you.
  • Use your ammo wisely. Don't waste ammo shooting at jets or bombs unless they are about to hit you.
  • Try to predict where the paratroopers will land. Aim your turret ahead of the helicopters so that you can shoot down the paratroopers before they land.
  • Be careful of the bombs. Bombs are very difficult to destroy, so it is usually best to avoid them.
With practice, you can become a master Paratrooper player and defend your base from the invading paratroopers.