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Paratrooper Takedown

Defend your base from the enemy's elite paratroopers, who are dropping from the sky to storm your command center. Shoot them down before they can land and capture you




Use 'LEFT' and 'RIGHT' arrow to move the battle matchine. Press SPACEBAR to release the bullet.
Help: Hit 'Spacebar' to shoot. Use Left and Right Arrow to move the machine

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How to play Paratrooper Game?

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  • The paratrooper game is an adaptation and inspired by the classic arcade game of the 80's. The objective is to shoot down all the invading enemy paratroopers.
  • The player controls a battle machine that is at the bottom of the screen. Goal is to protect the base from the troopers falling down.
  • The player must shoot down the paratroopers before they can drop to the ground.
  • In addition to paratroopers, the player must also tackle with enemy jets that drop bombs. If a bomb hits the player's battle machine, the game is over. Player should move out of bomb trajectory to avoid getting hit
  • The player also has to be careful not to let more than 5 paratroopers land on their base. If five or more paratroopers land safely, they will capture you. The game ends if more than 5 paratroopers descend to the ground safely.