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Get Color Code and Hex from Image

Extract all colors from image and get color code and hex. Generate a color palette from any picture or photo



Image - Color Extractor


Colors Extracted from Image
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How to Extract Colors from Image?

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  • You can browse or pass an http url to the image and find out all the colors that are embedded inside the image.
  • Click on Browse icon and select the desired image. The image will get loaded into the input area.
  • If you know the path to an image url, then enter the http url to the image path.
  • As soon as the image is loaded in the input area, the tool will list out all the colors used in that image along with the RGB, Hex code
  • You can also get the exact coordinates (x,y) of the location of the color in the image
  • The tool is free to use and all the extraction happens on the client side. There is no data transfer to the server.